Group storytelling – Week 2

From May 27 -28 we worked on ways to build stories together. We all brought a relationship with three characters who are in a moment of transition or healing/growing. We tried to work in the topic Lake Ontario and Westerly Winds for bonus points.

This is the map of character relationships we eventually came up with:

Map of triangular character relationships

We bandied around many ideas about how the the characters knew each other, or perhaps some where the same character at different stages in their lives.

We wondered where we could present this story and how? At a local cafe, perhaps with speakers hidden in objects near the spot where our characters sat and said their lines? Would we be hearing our character now or in the past? And why would people be moved to come and listen to this story. Why would they want to move around the space. Why do we want to do an installation anyway?

We were able to pull out many themes from these stories, and could have tightened the larger story to fit a clearer theme – but on Friday May 28 we decided to revisit our initial problem/solution/theme and found ourselves with a Wishing Well.

Here are some slides of earlier idealization sessions that got us here: