Wynchwood Barns Visit – looking for a story

At out first crit, May 25, 2010 we presented our idea for a sound installation in a public place that would allow participants to hear the stories or ‘internal voices’ of characters by moving in and out of sound hot spots. Ana, Siobhan and Susan and Matt all gave us strong feedback that we should be using those voices to tell a specific story that relates to a specific place and is even for a specific audience. Ana suggested we check out Union Station. Susan stated more strongly that we could make any kind of framework, but it’s only when we find a particular story for a particular audience that we’re going to make an appropriate framework.

Dawn and Liz engage in serious play. This sound gun shoots strong feelings!

So on May 26 we decided to start brainstorming specific audiences, places and themes that were important to us.  We all knew about Wynchwood Barns and were interested in the 10 year community struggle it took to negotiate and fund this unique space. We made some calls to contact Artscape officials – who run the barns – but when we didn’t get replies decided to just go for a visit on May 27.

Our timing was perfect. The festival Deep Wireless was setting up for an evening performance and weekend festival of audio art and storytelling with international artists and critics convening in the Barns. We met Darren Copeland the executive director of the festival and told him what we were working on. He encouraged us to come.

Dawn ended up going to the festival Saturday, pitched the Wishing Well idea to a few people and took copious notes which she shared with the other Fallen Angels.