A kind of group wishing – Noplace September 2008 (Tate exhibit)

Noplace video still c. Marek Walczek and Martin Wattenberg 2008

MW2MW: Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg, with Jonathan Feinberg, Rory Solomon & Johanna Kindvall

Noplace is a Net Art project focussed on notions of Paradise and Utopia, by Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg, who work together under the name MW2MW.

Walczak and Wattenberg reach out to unknown others with participatory ‘Web 2.0’ software and an algorithm to mine the public resources of the web…. systems and algorithms for soliciting creative participation in utopia/noplace, my space…

Michael Shanks, Video as Social Agent

Wider access to technology and the Internet has allowed a broad spectrum of people the opportunity to articulate and circulate their own experiences, ideas and beliefs. ‘More video material has been uploaded to YouTube in the past six months than has ever been aired on all major networks combined, according to cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch’

These public archives have become an essential form of aggregated cultural memory. Those participating are leaving behind millions of temporal artifacts which are often taken up and reworked.

Noplace reuses material uploaded to the Internet under a Creative Commons license, in order to create new and original works, designed around an individual’s input. Placing emphasis on the keywords or tags we use to describe those artifacts.

Sentences people wrote to represent ‘perfect’:

#noplace is thoughts emotions realities we all hold to be truth. leaving actual reality somewhat of a mystery.

#noplace is motherhood, love, children, music, nature,
# noplace is for mothers and children four per second lots of babys lots of pregnancy lots of love but not unique
# noplace is where the heart is.
# noplace is a sea of underwater sleep that endlessly flourishes diving and diving like a coral reef.
# noplace is egg mayo
# noplace is blah. Today, tomorrow. I feel your kiss. Random thoughts, images of nothingness. Believe, create and become you.
# noplace is creative, bold, intelligent, strategic, branded
# noplace is a place to create, we are designers, we are innovative, we are strategic, we brand companies, we plan, we are RBMM
# noplace is where my heart is. I can see my favorite movies and take photos of my experiences. I feel healthy and have good friends. I can wois
# noplace is perfect, relaxing, fun, and full of wonder
# noplace is key west hawaii new york
# noplace is where there is no war. Love is everywhere. Racism doesn\’t exist.
# noplace is nowhere and nobody has been there for so long
# noplace is a place where all the trees are yellow
# noplace is a place where Palestine and Isra‘l is a same country, people loving each other.
# noplace is full of light and color, though tainted by acid tear drops that linger on your lips
# noplace is at home with my cat watching television and drinking coffee while my boyfriend takes a nap.
# noplace is built on a promiseland of freedom, expression, passion and all things good. No suffering and pain, just contented people living in a fh
# noplace is a place to dream
# noplace is dogs teeth bicycle evolution god topography stem cherry steel sport
# noplace is a place in which I am paralysed. I cannot move or speak. No one can hear me. I wish that my thoughts and ideas can be heard.
# noplace is a place for peace. The politicians actually tell the truth! God is with us every day. Love grows there.
# noplace is myself and my lover, united in God\’s immanent presence
# noplace is where I milk cows in the daylight with my rubber boots and large shaft.
# noplace is global understanding/ interoperability/ geographic intelligence / GIS
# noplace is a library / full of books / about the world / and its people / music and laughter / and quiet discussion.
# noplace is red and green / like christmas / and santa claus / it fills our hearts / with joy / and peace.