Artistic Research: Installation environments that consider your body

Artist Ernesto Neto Wants To Get Inside Your Nose

Ernesto Neto’s new installation anthropodino opens May 14 at the Park Avenue Armory. The installation contains 1,650 lbs of spices, and will be on display through June.

People tend to think of your work in those very formal terms, like space or material. What else are you thinking about in approaching the Hayward show?

The works have a lot to do with urbanism. The world we live in is so deeply populated. Just think about the Internet. I’m also thinking about a space full of things, like a forest, or like a cell phone, or like a photograph machine — a kind of space where you have to put a lot of things together in a really small space. This is the kind of space we are living in today. Everybody is full and busy. Our time becomes so short, and we have to divide into many little spots of time for everyone we work with and live with: our family, our friends, and our business partners. I’m asking, “What can we do in this confined area?”  — Ernesto Neto

The Heart Library Project: St. Vincent’s Public Hospital, Sydney by George Khut